American ISIS fighter -captured in Syria- says beheadings don’t bother him because executions happen in U.S. too

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A captured American ISIS member who previously worked as an English teacher claims that witnessing crucifixions and beheadings under the Islamic State wasn’t all that bad, as “they like to execute people in the US, too.”

In a case of gold-winning mental gymnastics, 34-year-old Warren Christopher Clark claims that the atrocities committed by ISIS were no different than the criminal executions carried out in his home state of Texas.

“I’m from the United States, from Texas,” he said. “They like to execute people, too. So I really don’t see any difference…. ‘I saw some people being executed publicly, I saw some crucifixions… that’s just normal life [in Syria].”

Clark watched countless execution videos before he joined ISIS, according to the Daily Mail, and was never really put off by the idea of joining a murderous terror group.

“That’s just normal life there,” he said. “This is an Islamic society, an Islamic country, things like this happen. I guess [it didn’t bother me] because I knew what I was coming to see.”

Clark initially joined ISIS by way of leaving his home in Sugar Land, Texas, to be an English teacher at the University of Mosul in Iraq in 2015. Acting under the name Abu Mohammed al-Ameriki, he specifically applied for “a position teaching English to students in The Islamic State.”

Two weeks ago, he was flushed out and captured by coalition forces, along with two Pakistanis, an Irishman and a man from Trinidad and Tobago.

Clark continues to insist he was a non-combatant, and faced jail time under ISIS for refusing to fight.

The US State Department and officials in the homeland have yet to expound on what they will do with Clark.

Since 2011, dozens of US citizens are believed to have fought alongside ISIS, with around 14 or believed to have returned to US soil.

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