Alleged Marine vet tells taco restaurant he can’t read “Mexican, this is America”

A California man wearing a “Marine Veteran” shirt went on a rant at a taco restaurant, after a linguistic misunderstanding led to accusations of racism.

The Anaheim-based Palapas Tacos was the scene of the incident, when a man entered the establishment on Monday, asking for the $1.99 fish taco special.

Unfortunately, the man misunderstood the signs, which explained in Spanish that the special was for Friday.

Embarrassed, angry or just plain belligerent by nature, the man began ranting about how the signs should be in English.

“That’s bulls***!” the man shouted. “It says it in Mexican. We’re not in Mexico, We’re in America.”

Orlando, Florida station FOX35 attempted to explain that the “racist” man didn’t know his history, citing that California was part of Mexico until it was conquered in the Mexican-American war. However, that would still mean it’s part of the United States, not Mexico.

Palapas owner Juan del Rio said that while the translation issues are common, the reaction of the man was not.

“Everyday we get customers [who] sometimes don’t understand the specials, but we explain them,” del Rio said. “But this guy was completely mad, upset.”

Despite efforts to calm him down, the man threatened to call immigration, which is not terribly active in the state of California.

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