Alleged combat veteran claims anally inserted CBD oil cures her PTSD “stutter”

A woman identifying as a combat veteran is claiming a special variant of hemp-based oil cured her of a dramatic service-connected speech impediment- but not everyone is buying it.

Sarah Hollingsworth, a self-proclaimed “medical marijuana refugee,” took part in two videos in which she advocates ‘Rick Simpson Oil’, a Canadian-produced variant of the hemp-based Cannabidiol (CBD) oil that is frequently used in holistic medicine.

In her testimonies, Hollingsworth claimed she developed the stutter as a form of conversion disorder- a mental condition that brings on neurological problems that are hard to medically explain or prove.

Hollingsworth noted that she and her girlfriend had moved to Oregon as “medical marijuana refugees,” due to the legal issues concerning medical marijuana in her midwestern state of origin.

However, with fears of medical marijuana becoming illegal, she was uncertain of what would happen next.

However, many have criticized Hollingsworth for putting on an exaggerated show, something which was seemingly more amplified in her second video- shot after she had used the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

“She breaks character multiple times; this is clearly fake,” said one viewer.  “This is an actress working for a pro-legalization company,” said another. “This is staged, fake and offensive propaganda.”

Five days later, she appeared on video again, this time speaking in a normal manner. Claiming that RSO -which was administered both orally and in suppository form- had made her all better.

“It hits your system almost instantly,” she said when refering to the anally suposited oil.  “It is the best thing of my life.”

Needless to say, not everyone is convinced.

YouTube video

Hollingsworth previously ran a small soap-making business in Missouri called Save Our Amazing Planet, the website and contact info of which has since become defunct. It is presumed that she is now in Oregon.

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