Alabama man apologizes for anti-veteran rant, family received death threats

Due to his anti-veteran rant, an Anniston man has received over 20 death threats towards his family. He posted his controversial remarks on Facebook, igniting a firestorm of outranged comments. reported that Michael Schuette, whose family owns a firearms repair business, posted his comments on Veterans Day. Though he has since removed them, a screenshot was taken.

Written in Schuette’s post:

“OK, for my yearly Veterans Day speech…to all vets…you are NOT heroes. You got paid to learn how to fight and kill for profit. You “Served” your leader…You followed the rules and made it out of whatever country you terrorized alive…You got a check and a holiday. YOU NEVER FOUGHT FOR ANY OF MY FREEDOMS!!!!! You fought for corporate interests…You never sacrificed for this country…You did so for your government owners…You did nothing for American citizens…YOU WANNT MEET HERO’s???? Well, shake hands with CIVILIAN EMTs, nurses, firefighters, lawyers and anyone in the ACLU…Please feel free to add some more hero’s below but Veterans are you NOT American hero’s.”

WIAT 42 spoke with Schuette to find out what drove him to write the post and how he is responding to the controversy it has ignited.  He responded stating he regrets making the statement and that almost immediately after it went viral, he has been on the phone with angry veterans from across the country explaining his actions.

Schuette also said his family has been getting death threats. He is begging for people to focus their anger towards him and that his family had nothing to do with the incident.

“I do understand my comment were very harsh. I sometimes say controversial things but I’ve never had anything like this,” Schettee said. “I took my anger out on the victims of the whole thing. I’m mad at the system that puts our kids out there to die.”

Commenters had a string of harsh words for Schuette and wrote them on his wife’s gun repair business website.

“Next time don’t bite the vets hands that feed your freedom of speech….they bite back,” one posted on the website.

“I’m so glad all us worthless soldiers are willing to fight to defend your freedom of speech. As you can see, we also have freedom of speech. What’s funny is even though you spit in my face I would die for you if necessary. Why? Because I’m a soldier.”

Schuette stated he did a horrible disservice to veterans. “I take full responsibility for what I said. I’m so sorry for what I said.”

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