Al Nusrah Front boasts 9/11 attacks in new video

Al Qaeda’s branch in Syria, the Al Nusrah Front, created a documentary titled, “The Heirs of Glory.” The video discusses Islam and its history from the perspective of Al Nusrah. The latter portion of the video has audio clips from Osama bin Laden’s speeches and features video footage of the 9/11 attacks, according to The Long War Journal.

While much of Al Nusrah’s propaganda focuses on their tactical gains, this production is meant to tie their efforts in Syria to their overarching goal to reclaim the period of past Islamic rule. Beginning with a quote from Arnold Toynbee, a historian, the video states “Islam is in a deep slumber,” and that the “global situation may awake it to assume dominance once again.”

Early in the video, Al Nusrah stated, “We strived through this video to show that if the era of our decline has lasted for almost two centuries that once we used to lead this world for longer than twelve centuries,” They also added that the West has been “eager to spread the psychological defeat between the young Muslims, and it is known that our nation today, particularly after the revolutions, has started to redefine the milestones of the civilization resurgence.”

Later in the video, Al Nusrah showed various clips of Osama bin Laden, footage from the 9/11 attacks and then concluded with a final Bin Laden quote.  Referring to the Arab Spring just before he died in May 2011, Bin Laden said, “So to all free revolutionaries over the world, hold firm onto your affairs and beware of ‘dialogue.’ There is no middle path between truth and falsehood, absolutely not! Remember that Allah has bestowed his mercy upon you with these days, after which will come much good. You are the knights and leaders of today. In your hands are the reins; the Ummah has kept you for this amazing day; continue the journey and do not fear the hardships…The journey has started to the destination. The free have marched forth, and when the free start their march, they will not get tired nor will they stop!”

Al Nusrah stated that the revolutions have “given life once again” to the “Muslim nation” and that it is proud to represent al Qaeda in the forthcoming era.

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