Al Jazeera mocks America in Independence Day video

Screen shot from video.

Al Jazeera released a video coinciding with Independence Day – featuring actors or employees trashing Americans in a series of distasteful lines mocking everything from American porn to, believe it or not, U.S. cheese production.

An American-based branch of the Al Jazeera TV network put out the July 4th– themed video mocking Americans as “obese, porn-watching, pill-popping, gun-toting racists.”

The sarcastically titled video, “Americans Show Why USA Is The #1 Country in The World,” goes on for about a minute and a half.

America’s fast food obsession made the cut, as one actor says, “When it comes to obesity, we lead the global Mc D’s line.  1/3 of us can’t even see our own toes.”

The video was posted by AJ+, the channel’s San Francisco-based digital-media platform, according to the NY Post.

“Not to brag, but we have the most incarcerated people in the world. God bless the prison-industrial complex,” says an AJ+ actor.

A lot of viewers were turned off to say the least, saying this is not exactly journalism at its best.

“This sort of seems mean spirited, to be honest,” wrote YouTube user Benjamin Buzbee. “Some of these are important issues, but the spirit of this video seems more sensationalistic than journalistic.”

“We’ve got 90 guns per 100 persons, sorry Yemen we beat you in drones and guns,” was one of the insults.  Another actor states, “We make 89 percent of the world’s porn, that makes porn as American as church on Sunday.”

Hundreds of followers on social media blasted the Qatar- owned news channel for the tasteless video, confused by how a country with some of the most publicized human rights abuses could be so critical of America.


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