Airsofter, aka “BB warrior,” is now an Army Ranger-qualified infantry officer

A former airsoft player turned Ranger-tabbed platoon leader has created a video blog, and it’s admittedly a little cringy.

The US Army junior officer, who goes by the name “BB_Warrior13,” has been posting videos since at least 2017, most likely while he was still in college and ROTC.

Having lost a considerable bit of weight, BB has been a big fan of airsoft for some time, and created videos to help airsofters get the most “tacticool” gear for their money. He also features several videos of him engaging in close-quarters airsoft battles in Pittsburgh.

While airsoft is both a competitive sport and a viable training tool used by military and law enforcement, the “airsoft scene” admittedly attracts a healthy mix of professionals and -to put it lightly- “interesting” people.

With that said, BB seems to fall into both categories, but he can’t be all that bad- he did make it through Ranger School, after all.

To BB’s credit, he seems to make a point of not exposing his actual name or rank, unlike the endless list of servicemembers who do cringy things in full uniform. Even when he asked for donations on Patreon to keep his airsoft channel afloat, he had no name tape or rank on his uniform (though given the size of the uniform compared to his more recent videos, it could have been when from when he was playing Army, versus actually being in the Army).

BB is a platoon leader in the US Army Infantry, and earned his Ranger tab in November of 2018.

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