Airmen trip to the Exchange is why nobody takes Air Force basic training seriously

The United States Air Force has once again shown the world why no other branches take them seriously, this time with a basic trainee debacle at the local AAFES exchange.

In a live Instagram video, posted by the Exchange on December 3rd, several trainees were gathered in the Base Exchange (BX), wearing santa hats and dancing as disco lights spun and music filled the air.

“We spread some holiday cheer to trainees in USAF Basic Military Training at JBSA-Lackland Exchange,” the post read.

The trainees appear to belong to the 324th Training Squadron, which is based at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

Unlike the nearby 341st Training Squadron (which arguably creates the most highly-disciplined four-legged warfighters on the planet), things seem to be pretty chill at the 324th Training Squadr.

Naturally, netizens on social media spared no quarter in roasting the campy display of “easy livin’,” which included an ABU-clad Santa.

“This is why everyone hates you,” Hunter Harbach posted in an image-based response.

“[Oh] boy!”, Alex Hernandez chimed in. “That’s why they send their officers to battle.”

Lackland locals also chimed in, claiming things have really gone downhill in terms of USAF basic training.

“’I’m pretty sure I see them more at the main BX doing something like this than I do actually marching around base,” Wesley Graves wrote.

Some commenters pointed out -to those that failed to listen to the AAFES employee filming the event- that the holiday event was more than a one-time event for trainees who will be stuck in basic for the holidays and would give them a chance to go shopping for their families.

Either way, the release of the footage only further expounds on the stereotype that the USAF is more “cushy corporation” than a combat-ready branch.

“I thought the softest thing in the air force was their jobs,” Alex Revilla observed. “Turns out, it’s just the people.”

At least their pilots, dogs and Special Ops guys (and gals) are up to snuff, right?

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