Airman who went viral for wearing high heels and furry costume is identified

By Michael Swaney

The Airman that went viral at the beginning of last year in a video of him wearing his uniform with high heels and a “furry” mask has been identified as an active-duty Airman.

The viral video of the Airman was recorded while he was at tech school at Keesler Air Force Base in February of 2023.

On Tuesday, he was identified as Airman First Class Mathlin, stationed at Idaho’s Mountain Home Air Force Base.

Shortly after his identity was made public, with images of him on duty wearing a fury costume, he acknowledged it and said he won.

“Guys I win. Famous again and got Republicans mad,” he wrote on Twitter/X. “This is an awesome day.”

According to the NOVA Campaigns Twitter/X account, Mathlin’s command originally prohibited him from wearing his costume on duty but has since been given permission.

The Air Force has not confirmed this or released a statement but a post from Mathlin’s Twitter account appears to show another Airman on duty while wearing their fury costume.

He also posted a picture with his “commander,” claiming he is invited to volunteer at military events while wearing his furry costume.

A1C Mathlin claims to be the reason Keesler Air Force Base banned the wearing of costumes.

A screenshot of the wear and appearance guidelines for the base states it “includes but is not limited to fury animal suits.”

But it did also list an exemption for “costume/mascots for official events,” which could validate Mathlin’s claims he wears his suit at official events.

In June of last year, A1C Mathlin was given an LGBTQIA award by the DEIA council and the Mountain Home Air Force Base LIT Team for recovering and protecting the first unit “PRIDE TREE” for the 366th Logistics Readiness Squadron during a “heavy dust storm.”

“AIC Mathlin has shared the courage of squadrons (such as the 726 ACS and 366 LRS) to celebrate,” a picture of the award placard states. “AIC Mathlin has shared the courage and strength of the LGBTIA+ community to 5100 military and civilian members on the MHAFB in addition to 3,500 family members.”

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