Airman used free surgery from Air Force to end up on the infamous couch

Source: Twitter

Editor’s note: Jena LaRose claims she “saved up and paid for it [her surgery,] despite saying they were paid for by the Air Force during an interview in her first adult film.

A US Air Force veteran got more than a ribbon rack on her chest thanks to her military service- and it is helping to launch her adult entertainment career from an all-too-familiar sofa.

Jena LaRose, listed on her social media as an adult actress and dancer at Deja Vu Los Angeles, previously served in the United States Air Force.

According to an “interview” she conducted with an industry producer in her first video, LaRose got her generous bosoms courtesy of the US taxpayer.

“So our tax dollars paid for those,” the interviewer/performer of a well-known “casting couch” series asked LaRose.

“Yes,” she replied.

The scene was dubbed “Air Force to An*l,” according to LaRose’s Twitter.

During her tenure in the USAF, LaRose was reportedly very popular.

“You, uh, got a lot of attention in the Air Force, didn’t ya?” the casting couch guy asked her.

“Honestly, yes,” she replied, adding that “A lot of people still keep in touch with me.”

In fact, LaRose saved a screenshot of a conversation where someone recounted her saying “I love military men so much, I just joined.”

LaRose appears to have started her new career early this year and only has 1,931 followers on Twitter and 334 followers on TikTok so far.

The former Airman’s story is not a “singular incident.”

Kayley Gunner was a human resources specialist in the Army who got a “boob job” through Tricare.

Following her divorce from her now ex-husband, she too decided to pursue a life in the adult entertainment industry.

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