Airman upset when finds out he joined to be a “POG, Nonner”

An Airman with more than three years in the Air Force and over 100k followers on YouTube says he’s surprised to find out that he is a nonner and/or a POG.

Nonner: (via user latinsonic on reddit) NON-sortie producing/generating motherf***ER.

It’s just a word us maintainers use to describe everyone else not in maintenance. Some people get so offended by it, and it makes me glad they aren’t in maintenance. They wouldn’t last. You need to have thick skin, and sometimes a sick sense of humor.

Everyone in the Air Force has an important role to the mission. Without comm guys, I wouldn’t have a computer to clean out jobs I did on the line. In all honesty, I would rather have a nonner job. Sounds like you guys have a lot more morale than the rest of us.

POG: (via Urban Dicitionary) People Other than Grunts (US Army Infantry) or Permanently On the Ground (US Air Force, US Naval Aviation and US Army Aviation).



  • Michael Swaney

    Michael is an Army veteran and the Director of Content for Bright Mountain Media LLC

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