Airman suing hotel after he says he woke up to man performing an act on him

Jermaine Lamont Peay

A Mississippi Airman is suing Marriott Hotels after he was sexually assaulted by a stranger in his hotel room— who didn’t have a key.

The unnamed Airman was reportedly staying in the Marriott in Charlotte while on his way to Orlando for training.

At some point in the night, the victim found himself being violated by Jermaine Lamont Peay, who had simply let himself in.

He “says he woke up in his room at an Uptown hotel to a stranger giving him oral sex,” according to WSOTV reporter Hunter Sáenz.

“The self-closing and self-locking door (to his room) was not functioning properly, and the door did not properly latch or lock,” the lawsuit read.

Additionally, the plaintiff argues that the offender was allowed to enter the property without even having a room booked there and that nobody bothered to check him when he made entry through the parking garage.

A career criminal, Pea has six mugshots of him being arrested in Mecklenburg County, including going armed to the terror of the people, assaulting a campus police officer, and more.

Similarly, the Charlotte Marriott can’t seem to stay out of trouble either, as police have been called to the location 85 times in 3 years, including human trafficking and sexual assault cases.

According to WSOCTV, Peay is still awaiting trial for the burglary and the sexual offenses.

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