Airman sentenced for sexually abusing young pregnant teen runaway on base

Dalian Washington (right) and Akeem Beazer (left) have been sentenced since they plead guilty to sexually abusing a teenage runaway they harbored on base. (Facebook)

A former airman has been sentenced to prison for sexually abusing a teenager who ran away from home.

Airman Akeem Beazer, 21, pleaded guilty in September to sexually abused a young teen at Dover Air Force Base.  The minor, 15 at the time, told a social worker that she had stayed on the military base and had sex with two service members.

Officials say she was having problems at home and often lived on the street.  Court documents state Beazer picked her up at a local grocery store after she had run away from her abusive home, crying and bruised.  Beazer brought her back to base, with another airman, and had sex with her -without knowledge of her age.

Prosecutors alleged that both airmen continued their sexual abuse of the girl after finding out she was a minor.  The runaway girl, who was “essentially homeless” stayed at the base barracks on and off for a period of months, according to USA Today.

“I made mistakes,” said Beazer.  “I didn’t want to bring her to the authorities because I did not want to end up in this situation.”

Beazer was arrested in April with 25-year-old Dalian Washington.  He faces at least 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to child sex trafficking.  He is scheduled to be sentenced on February 21.

Court records indicate that Washington exchanged naked photos with the victim. Investigators recovered 157 naked images of her, along with a video of her performing oral sex on him.

Beazer faced up to fifteen years in prison for the charge of sex abuse of a minor, but he only received 30 months in prison. Prosecutors took into account that Beazer had no criminal record prior to his arrest and took responsibility for his actions.

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