Airman sent to Turkey to build base for US Troops

Staff Sgt. Adam Borjon, a 435th Construction Training Squadron engineer system’s operator, and Senior Airman Alen Turner, a 435th CTS pavement and equipment operator, build structures Sept. 23, 2015, in support of personnel recovery operations at Diyarbakir Air Base, Turkey. The 435th Contingency Response Group deployed from Ramstein Air Base, Germany, in support of the U.S. Air Forces Central Command’s staging aircraft and Airmen in southeast Turkey to enhance coalition capabilities to support personnel recovery operations in Syria and Iraq. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman Cory W. Bush)

DIYARBAKIR AIR BASE, Turkey — Full certainty is never guaranteed in the military, which is why Airmen are trained to deploy at a moment’s notice and hit the grounding running when they’re called upon.

For Airmen assigned to the 435th Contingency Response Group, that need came Aug. 12 when the unit deployed to Diyarbakir Air Base, Turkey.

“The 435th CRG’s mission is to get in and out,” said Lt. Col Ryan Barney, the 435th CRG element commander. “The unique thing about this mission is the 435th CRG were the first troops on the ground; and we really depended on everyone and the defenders deployed with us for security as the building began.”

The 80 Airmen from the 435th CRG, U.S. Air Forces Europe-Air Forces Africa’s only expeditionary open-the-base force, were tasked to set up initial life-sustaining and operations facilities for the bed down of forces. The base stood up in support of Operation Inherent Resolve to enhance U.S. Air Forces Central Command’s personnel recovery operations in Syria and Iraq.

According to Barney, the team had to build the base from nothing.

“When the 435th CRG first arrived, there was nothing but a grassy field and a lot of boulders,” Barney said. “By providing airfield ops, combat support and training, security, construction, and mobile aircraft support, that field is now a bare base and ready for the follow-on force to arrive.”

Due to the variety of missions the unit is tasked to accomplish, the 435th CRG deploys to each tasking with equipment prepared to achieve the mission in multiple types of environments.

“We have certainly had our challenges with the war-ready material equipment,” Barney said. “When you’re receiving over 680 tons of equipment, some of it is bound to not be in the condition you thought it would arrive in. With a little bit of innovation and teamwork, the Airmen here were able to overcome those hurdles to keep moving forward.”

Made up of a variety of 29 Air Force specialty codes, Airmen assigned to the 435th CRG work in close proximity, which allows them to learn other career fields, as well as develop their own technical skills.

“My job as an aerial porter is to unload planes and deal with logistics,” said Airman 1st Class Christopher McDade, a 435th Contingency Response Squadron air transportation specialist. “But sometimes, in order to get the job done, any one of us can be pulled from our daily operations to help out with something like construction, security or engineering.”

Within less than two weeks, the Airmen of the 435th CRG have built 88 operational structures on Diyarbakir AB.

Diyarbakir AB is a Turkish base home to the Turkish air force’s 8th Air Wing. According to Barney, the team couldn’t have completed as much as they have without the continuous partnership with Turkey and the 8th Main Jet Base Command.

“This deployment has been very successful thus far,” Barney said. “The cooperation between the U.S. and Turkish forces has been excellent and I foresee the relationship continuing to grow as operations here and throughout the rest of Turkey continue. The 435th CRG and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”

By Airman 1st Class Cory W. Bush, 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs


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