Airman schedules suicide note to post on social media after his death

A US Airman appeared to have scheduled a post on social media to announce his death after he had committed suicide.

The service member -initially identified through various social media platforms as Mateo “Matty” Walmsley- was stationed in New Mexico at Cannon Air Force Base and was presumably found dead inside of his Clovis residence.

Walmsley presumably took his own life, scheduling the post to go live on Facebook after he was already deceased.

“Call 911. Send them to my house,” he wrote.

“I killed myself. I’m sorry. This was my own choice, a selfish choice. I’ve struggled with suicide and attempted many times since I was 13. No one has ever found out. This was no ones fault. I could’ve reached out for help but it was my choice not to. I even avoided people these last few days just to make sure no one would find out. I love all of you. I love my friends. I love my family.

I’m sorry to anyone that I’ve wronged throughout the years.

Mom & Dad, you were amazing parents and I wish I could’ve been the son you deserved. I’m sorry.

Cremate me and spread my ashes somewhere beautiful.”

“Please take care of my dogs,” he concluded. “Please find them good homes.”

In the comment thread, people can be seen trying to dissuade him from suicide and frantically trying to reach him by phone and social media.

From piecing together comments left by his comrades -many of whom changed their profile photos to a black-lined image of their branch insignia- Walmsley had been in the USAF as a maintainer for some time -likely on the A/MC-130 platforms in New Mexico with the 27th Special Operations Wing- and had previously been based in the United Kingdom.

Cannon AFB Public Affairs released the following statement on August 7, when the death had reportedly taken place:

“A U.S. Air Force airman from 27th Special Operations Wing was found dead in their (sic) Clovis residence around 3 p.m. today.  Local law enforcement discovered the body. The airman’s name is being withheld until the next of kin has been notified. Details surrounding the death are under investigation.”

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  • Andy Wolf

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