Airman says this video shows how hardcore USAF boot camp used to be

If this is “old school” Air Force boot camp, sign us up for that paid vacation.

A video claiming to be the “tougher times” of US Air Force Basic Military Training shows a snot-dripping recruit riding the line between crying and confusion as he is lightly teased by his instructors.

The incident took place in the chow hall, where the recruits were likely eating breakfast.

Recruit Pratt seems confused as to where he is and what he is doing. To make matters worse, he has snot hanging from his nose and looks like he’s about to have a nervous breakdown.

“Pratt, why did you even join the Air Force,” one of the cadre asks him. “If you weren’t gonna take it seriously, why did you even come down here?”

Pratt is then ordered to present documents and is asked how much money he has before being told he might not have long in the Air Force.

Eventually, the head instructor orders Pratt to button his sleeve cuff to his blouse before having his personal effects tossed at him.

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