Airman says he got out because the Air Force is welfare for lazy people

An Air Force veteran complained about being paid a salary in the military, claiming it encourages lazy people.

Kyle Gott, a YouTuber with over 165,000 subscribers, believes the military fosters an environment of laziness when it pays by the hour.

“When you get paid salary, it gives people the opportunity to realize ‘I don’t have to work all the time, I’m still going to get paid.”

In his experiences, Gott claimed that lazy people were often sent home, and never lost pay.

“The Air Force puts so much money into us that they don’t want us to get out,” he said. “The cost that they spend for us to go to Basic Training, Tech School, [to] fly us and move us across the country or overseas…They realize it doesn’t make sense if someone doesn’t do something to just kick them out.”

For Gott, it simply wasn’t right.

“You do the bare minimum, you’re lazy, you can easily do twenty years in the Air Force,” he said.

The final straw for Gott was that those same people would be promoted and get awards, despite openly stating they were purposefully lazy.

Though he only got out in 2018, Gott hopes his testimony on the matter will inspire new Airmen to step up and avoid being lazy.

“I hope that these videos can help the new, younger generation of Airmen actually come in and stop being looked at as these lazy, no good, “have to have everything that they want” Airmen,” he said.

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