Airman packs more makeup and civilian clothes than military gear for deployment

A female Airman reminds us why the US Air Force is the way to go when it comes to enlisting, deploying with more makeup than a movie shooting crew.

Marijah Mosley, a YouTuber who has over 8,600 subscribers and documents her life on the social media video platform while serving in the USAF, demonstrated just how lax the Air Force can be when it comes to traveling abroad.

Speaking in a voice that almost always ends with an upward inflection, Mosley chowed down on fast food in front of the camera, talking about how “boring” her life is.

Later, the Airman showed off a packing list that seemed more fitting for a vacation than a military operation.

“There’s literally four layers of clothes,” she said, rifling through one of her many bags.

Inside of one of her bags, makeup and purses can be seen, along with other items that one might take on a casual trip.

Flashing her Michael Kors watch as she dug through her gear (which included an expensive camera), Mosley also revealed that she was bringing a ton of civilian clothes and perfumes.

It is unknown why Mosley packed so casually, but it certainly did the “Chair Force” stereotype no favors.

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