Airman offended by a veteran patient’s comment on her looks

Source: TikTok

A 22-year-old Air Force medic with over 260k followers on TikTok says she was shocked by an encounter with an older veteran patient.

Senior Airman Rylee (last name redacted at her request), a medical technician with the 87th Medical Group stationed at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, claims she was treating a 64-year-old veteran when he commented on her looks last month.

Hatch claims, in a TikTok post, the veteran said, “The Women didn’t look like you back in my day.”

“How am I supposed to respond to this?” she said in the caption and users were quick to offer advice.

“Why Thank You, would-be appropriate!” a user suggested.

“A thank you is not a[n] appropriate response for this,” Hatch replied without elaborating.

But other users supported her answer, with one sarcastically saying, “who wouldn’t be thankful for being objectified when they’re rendering medical care.”

Another user seemed to write off the veteran’s comment as generational differences, stating Hatch shouldn’t take the comment too seriously.

“Veterans that are over 50 don’t mean anything about that,” they wrote. “Today’s generation needs to realize that.”

Some agreed with the veteran’s assertion that military women are more beautiful than previous generations of women in uniform.

@ryeroast how am i supposed to respond to this sir. #miltok #military #afmedic #airforce #fyp #foryou #womeninmilitary #army #navy #marinecorps #coastguard #spaceforce ♬ original sound – Nicolas Sturniolo

“I had strict no dating of military women when I was in, but if I was in these days, not sure I could keep that policy,” he wrote.

Hatch replied, “you’re really just puttin the cherry right on top with this one.”

Was the veteran wrong or was the encounter a misunderstanding based on generational differences?

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