Airman kicked out after 1.5 years, says he lives off vet disability and doesn’t need work

A US Air Force veteran -who claims was honorably released from the service due in part to a sexual misconduct charge- claims he doesn’t need work, thanks to the disability he receives for his 1.5 years of service.

Greg Goods says he is currently on 60% disability for the year-and-a-half that he spent in service.

In the video “1 Year Out of the Air Force,” Goods shows off his new Subaru, mentioning that his wife is still on active duty at Hurlburt Field in Florida.

“Disabled now,” he said. “Sixty percent, I don’t have to work no more.”

Telling his story, Goods claimed that he was discharged following allegations of sexual misconduct while he was serving in the Security Forces.

“Messing around with this girl, she tried to set me up,” he said. “She ended up winning.”

While the charges of sexual misconduct were dropped, Goods says that the Air Force simply wanted him out, and gave him an honorable discharge.

Since then, he says he has accrued his disability rating and now lives a comfortable life. Despite claims that he “doesn’t have to work,” Goods went on to admit that he is doing prisoner transport.

Goods encourages individuals who are stuck “in the hood” to join the military as a way out, allowing for new sights and educational opportunities as well as a “check.”

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