Airman goes public about being raped by another servicemember, claims she’s not receiving justice

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A female in the Air National Guard is putting her career on the line to speak up about claims of assault and failure of the military justice system- and she’s doing so on TikTok.

Staff Sergeant Kacie Suchanek of the Florida Air National Guard’s 125th Fighter Wing, claims that she was raped by another servicemember on October 11, 2021.

Suchane claims that she was not given any consideration by her unit, despite the evidence.

There “wasn’t enough evidence after I had provided a rape kit, photos of my ripped out hair, bruises, my clothing, three witness statements, and a controlled phone call of 35 minutes with my rapist, apologizing and crying repeatedly, and apologizing for the trauma that he’d caused me,” she stated,

If there wasn’t a rape, what trauma would there have been?” Suchanek added.

While taking the matter to social media (let alone one with ties to the government of an adversarial nation) is certainly not how the Department of Defense would prefer these exposes go, they have become increasingly common among Gen Z’s servicemembers.

Suchanek went public in order to “bring attention to the fact that not only is the state of Florida failing its people, but the Florida Air National Guard is failing its people as well.”

@kaciesuchanek TW: SA. I’m ready to tell my story. And I will not rest until something is done about it. #sa #ReadyForHell #AmazonVirtualTryOn #MakeASplash #military #airforce #fyp #criminaljusticesystem #prosecutors #sweptundertherug #news ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

Will Manley, a spokesman for the Florida National Guard, confirmed that the FLANG are “aware of the reported sexual assault of one of our members.”

“The 125th Fighter Wing has provided continuous assistance, using all available resources, since being informed of the assault in October 2021,” Manely said. “We continue to work with the victim on all aspects of this case including finding a compatible transfer. In order to protect the victim, the suspect was moved to a geographically separated unit and given a ‘no contact order’ with the victim. We continue to monitor the progress of the suspect’s civilian case.”

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