Airman claims USAF “screwed” her after her “small female body” broke during training

A former airman took to the world stage to tell the world why she was kicked out of the US Air Force and claims it was because she wasn’t able to meet the physical requirements needed to be in the Security Forces.

Kourt described her short time in the USAF, joining the branch in order to be in the Security Forces, responsible for policing and securing USAF installations.

“If you know anything about Security Forces, it is very strenuous, and very hard on your body,” she said. “Having to lug around a 70-pound rucksack in steel-toed boots..was very hard on my body, but I could do it.”

During combatives (defensive tactics) training, she sustained a shoulder injury while attempting to subdue an instructor with her baton during a training exercise.

“They do not take it any easier on the females,” she said.

After sustaining her injury, she noticed that her shoulder was dislocated, and -despite protest- she was sent to the Emergency Room.

Soon, Kourt was told that she would not be graduating with her team, and needed three weeks to heal from her injuries, and is relegated to light duty.

After being assigned to light duty for some time, Air Force officials reviewing her medical records soon learned that Kourt managed to get through MEPS with a pre-existing diagnosis of ocular hypertension, a condition that would have prevented her from entering the military. Despite accusing her of enlisting under false pretenses, the officer in charge offers to submit a waiver to higher-ups, in hopes that it would come back approved.

It wasn’t.

Kourt was informed that she would be separated from the military, which caused her to cry uncontrollably and prompt the officer handling her case to ask her if she needed to go to mental health services.

Hoping to get the Air Force to change their mind, Kourt went to an optometrist and soon learned she didn’t have ocular hypertension. However, the military wasn’t willing to change their decision.

Protesting to the very end, Kourt was discharged.

“I feel like I dodged a bullet,” she said in retrospect. “I’m way better off now, maybe the military was not for me.”

You can watch the whole video on the “Adventures With Kourt” YouTube channel.

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