Airman baited into confrontation by man filming base, has charges filed against him

A “free-speech auditor” harassed airmen outside of Arizona’s Luke Air Force Base last month, resulting in one irate USAF NCO assaulting his camera.

“Arizona Auditor” -who was patrolling outside the base with his son, cameras in hand- were filming outside of Luke AFB in order to “test” their ability to film without harassment by law enforcement.

Claiming that they were “independent” journalists  doing a “story,” the trolls were hoping to get a rise out of the Security Forces that patrol the base.

While the Air Force Security Forces were incredibly polite and accommodating to the man (provided he didn’t cross the red line between public property and government property), telling him to be safe before adding that his kid “should be in school.”

However, he was not well-received by Technical Sergeant Rosenboom, a large Airman who did not approve of being filmed.

“I’m not giving you permission,” Rosenboom said. “You do not have permission to take my picture.”

Rosenboom then swiped at the man’s camera.

Security Forces then arrived back on the scene, with the same officer pulling Rosenboom off of the Auditor.

Glendale Police then took over the scene, listening to the airman before telling the Auditor that he needed to stay behind the line. When they asked if the Auditor wanted to press charges, he declined, claiming he did not want to identify himself to the police officers.

He stated that he will be filing a criminal complaint against Rosenboom at the police station and providing his video footage as evidence.

The incident is one of many around military and police installations, where overzealous “1st Amendment Auditors” often deliberately try to antagonize local and federal employees.

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