Airman arrested after police investigation into sex video with a child he met online

An Aiman based in San Antonio was arrested for having child pornography after an investigation into a video he made with a child he met online.

Authorities took Marcus Haynes, 27, into custody on suspicion of possessing child pornography and arrested him after pornography was found on an electronic device he owned on October 10.

In April, an investigation was launched into Haynes possible sexual involvement with a minor after a mother told police she believed he had sex with her sixteen-year-old daughter.

The young girl told police and Air Force investigators that she had sex with Haynes five times and he recorded them having sex, according to

After interviewing the girl, police were able to obtain a search warrant for all of Haynes’ electronic devices.  While they were not able to find the video of Haynes with the sixteen-year-old, they did find evidence of child pornography.

According to the police affidavit, they found “several” images of child pornography depicting underage girls in different sexual acts.  Haynes was arrested on Monday with a $15,000 bond.

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