Airman and her wife earning extra money by selling toys online

A Lesbian Airman and her wife have developed a large following on social media and have found some ways to use it to bring in some extra cash into their household.

Airman Berkley and her spouse, Tori, have a YouTube channel, where they share everything from military life to details about their personal lives -even the intimate.

Berkley wanted to be a Loadmaster when she first approached the Air Force but was forced to take a “general job” in order to get to the Air Force faster. After doing her boot camp in Texas and spending two years in the Mental Health field, she submitted a packet to retrain as a loadmaster, where she is currently in training.

While in the Air Force she has had her loving wife Tori by her side, and while she jokingly refers to her as her “dependa,” Tori is likely the force behind their success on YouTube.

As many with large followings on social media do, the couple promotes some products online to earn a share of the profits -at least we hope so for their time and effort.

Recently, they chose to make a video to promote adult toys for lesbians to use in the bedroom. With almost 100k views on the video and 122k subscribers, it’s safe to assume they did pretty well.

You can watch the entire video here.

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