Air Force veteran’s flag continuously targeted by vandals

San Diego – One of the most disrespectful things someone could do to a veteran is vandalizing their flag, especially right before Veteran’s Day.

For Gaile Kraus, an Air Force veteran, her flag is a symbol of her pride in her country and service.

“I’m a veteran.  I’m proud of my flag. I like to see it fly – to show that I’m an American.  It’s a part of me,” she said.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to do so for fear it may be disrespected as it was targeted by vandals in the past.

But just a few days before Veteran’s Day, Kraus decided to fly her flag in front of her house again.   Within hours of flying -sometime overnight on Election night – her flag once again became a target.

“It was lying on the ground,” said Kraus.  The holder had also nearly been ripped off a column, according to 10News.

“I felt very said, so I picked up the flag, dusted it off and took it back in my house,” said Kraus.

The former Air Force nurse doesn’t know why vandals keep targeting her flag but wants them to know: “You’re stepping on my freedom.”

The veteran, who proudly served her country, says she only plans to fly her flag on Veteran’s Day and then it’ll go back inside the house.

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