Air Force veteran says he was only given a 1% chance of living after his wife’s lover tried to kill him

Kevin Kessler (left) says he barley survived his wife's lover's (right) attempt to take his life.

A US Air Force veteran is telling his side of the story after he was forced to get his leg amputated following an assassination attempt related to his divorce.

Kevin Kessler, a distinguished 20-year USAF veteran, has a high leg amputation just below his hip. However, his missing limb was not the result of war, but instead the fallout and betrayal of someone he once loved.

The harrowing episode transpired in November of 2022, at Kessler’s residence in Farmington, Michigan.

The shooting took place shortly after he alerted law enforcement about slashed tires on his truck.

Kessler, who was navigating a divorce proceeding with his ex-wife, Nicole Kessler, found himself targeted by his ex’s lover as he awaited police assistance.

The assailant, later identified as Matthew Jones, reportedly drove past Kessler’s home and discharged a firearm, striking Kessler.

Investigations revealed Jones’ connection to Nicole Kessler, ultimately leading to his conviction and sentencing to 60 to 80 years in prison for the attack.

Recalling the harrowing ordeal, Kessler expressed his bewilderment and concern for his family’s welfare as the only things going through his mind.

‘”Why?’ I remember saying that – ‘Why?’ I was thinking about my girls and my family. I didn’t know if I was going to see them again,” he told Fox2.

“They told my family to plan for a funeral. They gave me a 1 percent chance. They did not think I was going to make it,’ Kevin said.

Kessler further speculated on potential motives behind the attack, suggesting financial incentives may have played a role.

“I think he was scamming in a way. I think he saw the payday with a divorce,” Kessler remarked.

The aftermath of the shooting left Kessler hospitalized for an extensive period, culminating in the decision to amputate his right leg at the hip due to the severity of his injuries. He continues to grapple with the physical repercussions, including the presence of bullet fragments in his body.

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