Air Force veteran earns over $1 million a year mocking the size of men’s ‘packages’

An Air Force veteran from Alabama has turned her life around, thanks to a legion of men willing to pay her money to humiliate them.

Paige Bauer, who set up an OnlyFans account in 2020 after she learned men are willing to pay big bucks for interactions with women of all appearances, is now raking in $100,000 a month to be verbally and emotionally abusive.

Many of her clients -who are often married or in committed relationships- send her hundreds of requests, asking to be mocked by her on a daily basis.

Once a respectable member of the US Air Force, the former servicewoman now specialized in “penis humiliation,” according to the Daily Mail.

Such a specialization costs $20 per person, and many pay Bauer on a daily basis.

“At first I had a hard time believing that there was money to be made insulting people online but it is a surprisingly niche fetish,” she said.

Bauer puts in up to sixteen hours a day for her money, and is making far more than when she worked as an admin assistant.

The former airman is currently working on building her dream house with the money obtained by insulting men’s genitalia.

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