Air Force Veteran awarded full disability for UFO exposure

Royal Air Force base Brentwater is not the location of a park which brings tourists interested in retracing the path of the UFO incident.

Thirty years after former airman John Burroughs was sent into the Rendlesham Forest to investigate strange lights, the U.S. government has acknowledged his medical claims that came from the incident.

According to the Inquisitir, in 1980 John Burroughs was a military policeman in the U.S. Air Force stationed at Royal Air Force Base (RAF) Bentwaters in Suffolk, England when he was sent to investigate the strange lights.  In Britain, this incident is known as “Britain’s Roswell.”

John Burroughs, Jim Penniston and a small security team first investigated a brightening light within the Rendlesham forest in December of 1980, but the light flew away when they approached. It was the following night when more lights showed up that Burroughs had a face-to-face encounter with the UFOs.  Among the security team, Burroughs was said to have been the closest to the lights resulting in exposure to massive amounts of radiation.

Senator John McCain, a former airman and Vietnam POW, has stepped up to help Burroughs with his radiation claim.  In 2012 Burroughs made a claim with the Arizona Veterans Affairs, but they claimed that Burroughs never served during the time in which the incident occurred in Rendlesham Forest. The Arizona VA claimed that Burroughs had not joined until 1982, when he actually joined in 1976.  According to Open Minds, Senator McCain’s office was able to get Burroughs records corrected, but did not believe they VA would release his medical records.

The Veterans Affairs claims that Burrough’s medical records are classified even though they publicly acknowledged the existence of UFOs on February 22, 2015.

Burroughs lawyer, Pat Frascogna, and his legal team were able to dig up British Ministry of Defense documents, which confirm “high levels of radiation were in fact present when Burroughs and the UFOs met” (Inquisitir).

The exposure to the high levels of radiation have caused Burroughs to have congestive heart failure.  The VA has since granted Burroughs “full medical disability” even though they have not released his medical records.

In a recent press release titled “U.S. Government’s De Facto Acknowledgement of the Existence of UFOs,” Burroughs wrote:

“In January of 2015, after years of exhaustive efforts the VA settled, in full, with me. I needed someone to champion my cause, someone not afraid to put themselves at risk to help me.  I was lucky.  I found two to champion my cause, my attorney Pat Frascogna, and Senator John McCain and his staff. Through their efforts, I received lifesaving heart surgery to replace a badly shredded anterior mitral valve caused by the UAP radiation, and a settlement from the DOD and VA admitting I was injured in the line of duty in December of 1980”

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