Air Force veteran and social media model was “seconds from death” consuming up to 10 bottles of wine a day

Source : Instagram

A US Air Force veteran claims her glam lifestyle as an “Instagram Model” wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, leading her further down a self-destructive lifestyle that had her nearly drinking herself to death.

Alysia Magen, a Nebraskan who currently resides in sunny Miami, was suffering behind the facade she created on social media.

Magen was reportedly “seconds from death” as she consumed up to “10 bottles of wine a day,” as well as illicit drugs.

The veteran claims she suffered from trauma of various kinds, often carried out against her by ex-lovers.

“I didn’t know I was an alcoholic, I thought it was just something to manage anxiety,” she said, “I would wake up in the morning shaking from withdrawal. At the time I thought that was a panic attack and I would start drinking shooters (spirits) as soon as I woke up.”

According to the Daily Mail, Magen’s online persona drew criticism from the US Air Force, who demoted her in 2017. She spent her remaining six months in the service in a miserable state, and took up drugs after.

Source : Instagram

Eventually, she overdosed and was taken to the hospital, where doctors claimed she would have died had she arrived ten seconds later.

Realizing this was no way to live, Magen decided to clean up her act and checked into a rehab facility.

After an opportunity to have a celebrity exhibition bout with Blac Chyna in the summer, the social media starlet eventually used the opportunity to use the training in order to better herself.

She managed to win the fight and has since celebrated being sober for six months.

Source : Instagram


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