Air Force vet politician resigns after lying about being a Marine and being wounded in combat

State Rep. Graham Hunt, a Republican from Orting, Washington, has officially resigned after his exaggerated service record was called into question by his opponents and veterans.

On Tuesday, Hunt met with Republican leaders to address the overwhelming accusations against him.  Later that evening, a statement posted on his campaign website said “It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that I hereby resign from my position as Representative for the Second District.”

He continued to say, “I have exerted my best effort in trying to compile a complete set of my military personnel files, which memorializes my service history.”

His statement concluded with an apology but failed to admit to any wrongdoing, lying and mostly continued to distance himself from the accusations.

The Seattle Times was first to report that his military records did not match his claims of being a “combat veteran” in Iraq and Afghanistan or serving in the Marine Corps.

In May of 2014, he posted an Iraq war photo that depicted two soldiers kneeling and consoling each other with the caption, “This picture of me was taken after a mortar attack in 2005. Background has been modified, but I think combat camera captured the moment pretty well. I surely have not forgotten that moment.”

Screenshot from Facebook

In addition to his Facebook post, his website claimed he earned three medals and served in combat but according to a spokesperson from the military personnel center he did not receive them nor deploy to any combat zone.

According to the Seattle Times, when he was confronted about the Iraq Campaign medal and the Afghanistan Campaign Medal he said he made a mistake with the Iraq Campaign medal by mixing up the name with another award he earned.

After accusations surfaced to the public, Josh Penner, an Orting city councilman who served with Hunt, issued a letter accusing Hunt of repeatedly lying about being a Marine veteran.

Hunt’s military records show he served in the Arizona Air National Guard from 1998 to 2005.  During part of this time he was activated for a deployment to a U.S. Air Force base in Saudi Arabia.

There are no records to validate service in Iraq, Afghanistan, and especially not a mortar attack that resulted in injuries.

Hunt has not provided a DD214 or any other military records to prove any combat service, combat injuries, or time served in the Marine Corps.

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