Air Force sergeant undresses for Army veteran after being called out about uniform

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The 23-year-old Air Force medical sergeant who went viral after questioning an older veteran patient for complimenting her looks is back in the spotlight again.

In October of last year, then-senior airman Rylee (last name left out) garnered a lot of attention when she was a medical technician with the 87th Medical Group stationed at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and claimed she was dumbfounded after a 64-year-old veteran complimented her looks.

Fast forward to under a year from then, and the now-staff sergeant has amassed a large and loyal following on social media by posting content flaunting her appearance.

Her popularity landed her as an example used by an Army veteran YouTuber when asking why female servicemembers wear their uniform pants above their hips.

“Why ya’ll do this?” Nikko Ortiz said in his reaction video to her TikTok about wearing over-the-hip uniform pants.


Ladies, I need answers?

♬ original sound – Nikko Ortiz

“Ladies when you’ll do this, you get the paper bag butt,” he said. “It’s just like a weird piece of air that fills that cavity.”

Rylee’s original hip-hugging explanation -Ortiz’s targeted video featured her undoing her pants to expose her hips and it racked up over 13 million views.

@ryeroast Replying to @msantana50 back to my roots with this one 🥲 #miltok #military #womeninmilitary #womeninuniform #medic #afmedic #airforce #army #navy #marinecorps #coastguard #spaceforce #militaryuniform #ocp #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ #pysop ♬ Jcole remix – Savhuff

Many came to her defense, stating the female anatomy requires a different fit and wear to the military duty uniform.

“Some people don’t understand female anatomy,” one person stated.

Her response video to Ortiz questioning her over-the-hip pants has even more support from users on TikTok.

“I didn’t really think we would be back here, but here we are,” Rylee says to start her video.

She begins by undoing her uniform belt to show her uniform pant’s waistline above her hips.

“It is physically impossible to put these lower,” she says.

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TikTokers were less inclined to argue for or against the uniform appearance as they were to call out Ortiz for making a big deal about what they said was a non-issue.

“H’es so aggressive about it. it’s pants lol,” one person wrote.

“It’s just so weird that they would complain about a woman in uniform looking so good,” another chimed in.

And of course, there was one person (top comment) who suggested all of this was made-up drama to attract young recruits.

“Do not enlist, she’s a psyop,” the comment states.

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