Air Force sergeant dubbed the ‘Wonder Woman’ of the USAF

When this Air Force dental technician takes off her uniform at the end of the duty day she transforms into “Wonder Woman.”  No, she does not have any super powers but she has a fine-tuned physique she has worked hard to sculpt over her nine years in the Air Force.

Alysia Macedo (aka Magen) joined the Air Force at the age of 19 because she wanted to be independent and travel while serving her country. The 28-year-old sergeant is currently stationed in Britain at RAF Lakenheath, which houses the U.S. Air Force’s only F-15 fighter wing in Europe.

Sergeant Macedo was not always the “Wonder Woman” of the Air Force. The nickname was given as her side career as a fitness model began to come to fruition.

“Ever since I was young my parents had me involved in sports,” she said.  “I never had a TV, so we mostly played outdoors..physical activity has always been a part of my life.”

About three years ago her hard work began to pay off. She became nationally qualified when she placed 2nd in the “open bikini” at the Pensacola Showdown in Pensacola, FL.

Her goal is “to motivate others and help them achieve a healthy happy lifestyle,” she said.  “I want to share my experiences and advice with those who want it. I want to show others that you can have a full time job and still stay in shape.”

While serving with the Armed Forces Team in 2015, Miss “Wonder Woman” placed 2nd overall and 1st in the sport class at the Association of Fitness Studios competition in Helsinki, Finland.

On the outside, her sculpted physique and military uniform may give her a strong appearance but she admits she still battles anxiety and fears of her future.

“I am finally going to Cali my dream and yet I sit and wonder if I could have had a family . If I put my own selfish desires of success over happiness,” she said. “I have always been the one getting cheated and hurt on in my relationships now I’ve see myself as those people I hated. Just because people smile, wear a uniform , talk about #WONDERWOMAN look like they have it together those are usually the ones hurting the most inside.”

Macedo says shes encouraged to strive on when she receives messages from people telling her how much she has changed their lives.  “My help feels good when people say to me, “you’re my motivation,” when really, they are my motivation.”

You can become one of the 193k followers that Sergeant Macedo has collected on Instagram by following her at “Alysia_Magen.”

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