Air Force Security Forces member accused of “thirst-trapping” Russia from Alaska

[Images: Instagram]

A US Airman assigned to the Security Forces has been busy on TikTok- so much so, that she seems to do so regardless of whether or not she’s actively on duty.

Airman First Class Farrell, who goes by “preciousfaithh” on TikTok and is reportedly stationed at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, spends a lot of time in front of the camera.

From lip-synching “I must be dreamin’” when told how close Russia and Alaska are to discussing how low morale is, Farrell never seems to run out of things to complain about [to the entire western world].

The “Alaska” video happened to even be reviewed on YouTube by veteran content creator DWKVideos.

“Are you thirst-trapping Russia?” DWK asked of Farrell in a January video. “Are you trying to thirst-trap Russia into launching a missile right now?”

Other videos of Farrell show her filming TikToks on duty, on base and in uniform, with no attempt to even consider adhering to guidelines regarding such practices.

To some, this is a worrying matter- particularly considering her entire Air Force Specialty Code revolves around defending US Air Force bases from various threats.

“Of course you’re in the Air Force,” one user wrote.

Farrell has over 45.9K TikTok followers.

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