Air force kicks out NCO who went on rant about “rude black females” in the USAF

The Air Force NCO who made national headlines after she made racially-charged comments about her subordinates has been administratively separated from the military, following a series of disciplinary and drug infractions.

Tech Sgt. Geraldine Lovely was reportedly recommended for separation in May of this year, after an internal investigation revealed a “multitude of misconduct” in the aftermath of the controversial video, where she called out lower-ranking “black females” and the alleged attitude they collectively possess.

“Why is it that every time I encounter my subordinates [who] are black females they have a giant [expletive] attitude?” Lovely said in the video. “And it’s not like I am coming to them with a [expletive] attitude. I don’t.”

According to Task and Purpose, Lovely’s video was not the only reason she was given the boot- additional infractions, including wrongful use of marijuana, assault, and unlawful entry, were also factors.

That said, the video did play a significant role.

“In that video, viewed by hundreds of thousands of persons, she, wearing her uniform, made negative comments regarding her African American female subordinates,” the investigative memo states. “That video brought discredit upon the Air Force and, according to her commander, rendered her unable to lead, mentor, or influence airmen.”

A spokeswoman with the 99th Air Base Wing said that the unit’s leadership is “satisfied with the outcome.”

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