Air Force investigating officer who recorded himself driving a Tesla illegally

US Air Force officials are looking into a viral video posted to the internet by a commissioned officer— who could be seen hitting almost 100 mph on a residential street in Las Vegas in a Tesla Cybertruck.

Captain Matt Wallace, who is stationed at Creech Air Force Base, is the subject of the video in question, which was posted to his social media.

In the video, Wallace drives down what looks like an empty residential street. He wiggles his pinky finger, takes his hands off the wheel, and uses just his pinky to steer the vehicle.

After making the turn, Wallace puts both hands back on the wheel and speeds up. The speedometer shows he reached about 83 mph in just 10 seconds.

A 35 mph speed limit sign is blurrily visible as Wallace reaches 54 mph in the Cybertruck.

“Cybertruck makes a U Turn using only my pinky. Check mate,” Wallace said in his early June X/Twitter post, which has since been deleted.

Major Joost Verduyn, a spokesperson for Fifteenth Air Force, told KLAS that they are aware of the video and are investigating the situation.

Wallace responded to people criticizing his video. He pointed out that there were no cars or pedestrians on the road, suggesting that he had coordinated with police to close off the area for his test.

However, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said they are not aware of any officers closing streets for Wallace.

The agency conceded that they cannot issue a speeding ticket based on this video alone, as investigations based on videos are handled individually.

Wallace runs a YouTube account called Matt Wallace Tech, where he reviews technology and electric vehicles.

Cybertrucks have been involved in several incidents since their highly-anticipated release in November.

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  • Andy Wolf

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