Air Force gives airmen class on how to protect themselves from geese

For a branch known for fighting threats to America’s airspace, the US Air Force sure is afraid of geese.

A risk management PowerPoint from the USAF has been leaked, showing the branch’s attempts at warning Airmen that geese are truly cantankerous creatures that can cause harm to humans.

Titled “How To Avoid a Goose Attack,” and sectioned under the “Goose Awareness” risk management online course, the slide shows Airmen how to react when a goose strikes.

According to the slide, which was posted to Reddit, one is supposed to stand firm when geese threaten them, rather than assume a frantic defensive posture.

Needless to say, the USAF’s focus on reducing goose-related casualties drew some ribbing.

“Alright,” one user began. “Who declassified our top-secret Anti-Goose strategies?”

Another referred to them as “cobra chickens.”

That said, it appears many branches of the US Armed Forces have a goose problem- at Oklahoma’s Fort Sill, US Army Soldiers frequently deal with “Steve,” a rather irate goose that chases Soldiers on a regular basis.

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