Air Force criticized for social media blunder involving camouflage techniques

Screenshot from Air Force Facebook post

An Airman highlighted by the US Air Force is being dragged on social media for being a poster boy of military face paint, all while being wholly incapable of properly painting his face.

The Airman, who was featured in a video clearly aimed at mimicking the ever-popular makeup tutorials on YouTube, was thouroughly roasted for improperly applying his camo face paint.

“Just a casual Monday morning makeup routine,” the United States Air Force wrote on Facebook. “How do you get ready for work? This Special Warfare Airman demonstrates how camoflauge paint may be applied for training exercises and real-world missions.”

Needless to say, the comments were filled with criticism of the video and the Airman’s poor placement of light and dark colors.

“Black across the nose makes it ‘recede’ instead of being prominent with his light colors,” one user wrote. “He needs more training.”

“But the green highlights his eyes and really brings out his facial features,” another sarcastically responded.

Others seemed taken aback by the whole layout and theme of the video, which some accused of being “zoomer bait” to attract Gen Z recruits.

“You people lose more credibility each and every day,” one user remarked.

“Wow, did the Air Force teach him how to paint his nails too?” another quipped.

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