Air Force command pilot colonel charged with possessing child pornography

Col. William R. Jones (Air Force)

The deputy chief of safety for the Ninth Air Force Headquarters at Shaw Air Force base near Sumter faces child pornography charges.

The Air Force said in a news release on Monday that . R. is also charged with obstruction of Justice.

“The charges are being worked through the legal process outlines in the [Uniform Code of Military Justice], and Col. Jones is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law,” Colonel Stephen Jost, the 20th Fighter Wing Commander, said in a statement.

was removed earlier this year as vice commander of the 20th Fighter Wing based at Shaw.  was removed from the fighter wing post in February and reassigned to the Ninth Air Force when . Stephen Jost said he had lost confidence in his deputy.

“The Air Force relies on all airmen, and especially commanders of all levels, to uphold and adhere to the highest of standards, to foster a professional atmosphere,” a spokesperson for the base said after his removal. “When these standards are not met, confidence is lost and we cannot allow the individuals to remain in positions of command.”

became the No. 2 officer with the wing in 2014. He is a command pilot and instructor with more than 2,000 flying hours.

It was not known if he has an attorney yet. A preliminary hearing is scheduled Aug. 8.


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