Air Force Colonel accused of rape and sending dirty pictures

Col. Marcus Caughey, 50th Space Wing vice commander, was the key speaker at Schriever Air Force Base's 2014 9/11 cermony. (Air Force Photo)

Col. Eugene Marcus Caughey, assigned to the Air Force Space command, has been charged with rape, assault, adultery and other crimes according to a document released yesterday.

Caughey is a 23 year Air Force veteran and the former vice commander of Schriever Air Force Base’s 50th Space Wing.

According to the Gazette, he is being charged for a rape that stems from an allegation in 2014 at Schriever AFB.  Prosecutors allege that Caughey held a woman against a wall and floor while raping her.  His other charges of adultery, assault, and other various misconduct date back to 2013.

He is accused of six counts of adulterous acts and sending a picture of his penis “while in uniform and seated in his office.”

Capt. William Russell, a spokesperson at Peterson AFB, said, “To protect the rights of Col. Caughey and the integrity of ongoing legal proceedings, no other information about the case will be released at this time.”

Col. Caughey is a survivor of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon and was the second in charge of overseeing the military’s constellation of navigation and communication satellites.  In 2014, he was in charge of running a 22-nation missile defense war game in 2014 for U.S. Strategic Command.

On March 17th there will be a hearing to determine if there is sufficient evidence for a court-martial. The most serious charge of rape can bring a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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