Air Force cadet almost loses commission after caught riding hoverboard around campus

An Air Force ROTC cadet at Baylor University almost lost his commission after he was wrote up by an AFROTC captain for using “poor judgement”.

Chris Delzell, 23, was caught riding a hoverboard to and from school without a helmet, leading to an official reprimand -which could have stopped his commission, according to KWTX.

According to the report, Delzell rode the hoverboard around the department’s offices, causing damage to University property. Delzell said he was stunned by the investigation because he offered to pay to repair the one inch gash he made in one of the school’s walls.

“I really thought that especially this last semester that I had done a great job,” he said.

He said he was expecting to report on June 30 to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida to “start building weapons for our country to fight the enemy.”

Despite the investigation, which is still ongoing, he was able to graduate and receive his commission as a second lieutenant after completing a physical fitness test on Friday.

Delzell’s father, a former Air Force F-15 pilot, stated he was extremely proud to find out his son was “going to serve his country at Eglin at a second lieutenant.”

When he found out that his son could possibly be dismissed from the Air Force over the hoverboard incident he hired a attorney.

He hired a veteran military attorney in preparation to fight the “ludicrous charges” but after the his son’s commission the fight is no longer necessary.

Delzell graduated from Baylor University with a degree in computer engineering.

“I hope to help the Air Force get ready for the war that we’re fighting and the next war or any threat down the line to our country’s freedom,” said Delzell.

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