Air Force Association shoots down idea of Space Force

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The 310th Space Wing headquarters building resides at Schriever AFB, Colorado, with geographically separated units at Peterson and Buckley AFB, Colorado, and Vandenberg AFB, Cali. The 310th is the only space wing in the United States Air Force Reserve, with a vision to provide agile combat and space forces to win the fight. (U.S. Air Force graphic/Senior Airman Laura Turner)

The US Air Force Association is showing opposition to the new idea of the “Space Force,” claiming it would do “more harm than good” and advocating for a merging of space and air operations.

The organization expressed concern over the creation of a new branch, claiming that diverting operations from the space-dominating USAF is only going to create more headache for the military as a whole.

“The U.S. Air Force has led the armed forces in establishing America’s space capability such that it is unrivaled in the world,” the AFA wrote. “Today, to split up the well-integrated set of air and space capabilities that have been organized to seamlessly contribute to America’s military capabilities would result in more harm than good.”

The AFA argued that the creation of the Space Force will only lead to diversion of Air Force resources, which will only cause more problems.

The solution, it seems, would be incorporating more operations into the USAF- even if it means changing the name.

“From an employment perspective, effects from air and space have been integrated and are indivisible. The US Air Force may want to reflect this reality so it is better understood by Americans by considering renaming the US Air Force to the US Aerospace Force.”

The AFA believes that by creating a new USAF, Congress could not only save money, but enhance the military like never before.

“Currently there are no space arms which are fundamental to setting up an armed service. Constraints to fully-weaponized space capability must be debated and changed by Congress to allow the Air Force to mature space warfare theory and concepts of operation for war in, from, and through space,” the agency said.

According to, the AFA believes that the DoD needs to look more closely at the future of military in space before any major decisions are made.

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