Afghan War vet on way home from work fights off fugitive would be motorcycle-jacker

A combat vet refused to give up his “baby” when a fugitive running from police tried to make off with his motorcycle. Local news choppers were above the scene as the  drama unfolded.  A 32-year-old jailbird was leading police on an hours-long chase through the streets of Tucson.

Brandon Jenkins was at a stoplight in Mesa, Arizona when he was approached from behind by Joshua Monigold– who  jumped out of his white pick-up truck and tried to steal the bike. At first, Brandon didn’t know what was happening — he thought maybe he cut the guy off.

“They’re chasing me, please give me your bike,” Monigold yelled.

Jenkins told ABC 15, “I had instincts that kicked in and where I’ve been in life I learned to defend myself.”

Jenkins, who served time in Afghanistan, said he doesn’t back down from anybody, and when the man tried to rip off his bike he fought back.

“I always wear all my gear… didn’t see gun on him… knew I was good to go after him.”

So Jenkins head-butted him and threw Monigold off the motorcycle- at which point the suspect gave up and jumped back in the truck.

The vet used his tour money to buy the bike … and now it appears it’s been totaled because the suspect ran it over.  Jenkins plans to press charges against him.

Jenkins said he had images of his young son in his mind throughout the whole ordeal. He says he knew he had to get through it to still be a father to his 2-year-old boy.

Monigold,  who was wanted for a hit-and-run crash on March 19– and had 17 prior arrests– was caught by police after crashing his pickup truck a short time later.

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