Afghan War Vet Returns to His Car to Find disgusting Note

The not left on Afghan War veteran Matt Zeller's car. Photo credit: Twitter

There seems to be a recent trend of law enforcement officers and veterans receiving small notes of appreciation left on their cars. However, not all of these letters are kind.

Afghan War veteran Matt Zeller was the recipient of one such note.

Zeller is the founder of No One Left Behind, an organization that brings foreign translators for the U.S. military to America after their service and provides them with housing, furniture and employment assistance.

Zeller was motivated to create the organization after his Afghan translator saved his life in what he calls the worst ambush of his life.

On April 28, 2008, Zeller was running out of bullets, out of grenades, and surrounded by 45 Taliban insurgents. After nonstop fighting for an hour, Zeller was sent flying into a ditch by a nearby mortar round.

Once he regained consciousness, Zeller believed his death to be imminent, that is until he felt a body collide with his in the ditch and heard the sound of an AK-47 firing next to him.

Zeller turned his head to see Janis Shinwari, his Afghan translator, staring down the bodies of the two Taliban fighters he just killed. It was that day that Zeller learned the true value of loyalty and brotherhood.

For the next five years, after tireless effort involving working with numerous members of congress and a national media campaign, Zeller helped Shinwari and his family obtain the U.S. visas he obviously earned.

The arrival of the Shinwari family went viral and over $30,000 was raised to help his family resettle. Instead of taking the money, Shinwari proposed to Zeller they use the money to help resettle other Afghan and Iraqi translators.

Together, the two founded No One Left Behind and have made it their mission to help those American allies for their service by providing them with the necessities to start a life in the United States.

So it was a surprise to Zeller when he returned to his car Sunday and saw a note someone had left on it.

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” the note reads. “You are a murderer if you ‘served’ in Afghanistan. I hope you watch your child starve and die in front of you, as you have done to the people of Afghanistan.”

Zeller’s only reply to the note was, “Seriously?!?”

A man who has devoted so much time and effort into helping others from foreign countries receiving a letter about how poorly he treated others from a poor misinformed individual is the true definition of irony.



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