Afghan villager who saved Navy SEAL wants asylum

The Afghan villager who helped save a Navy SEAL after an ambush, famously depicted in the movie “Lone Survivor”, is facing death threats and is having a difficult time finding asylum in the U.S.

Mohammed Gulab started this journey in 2005, when Marcus Luttrell and three other SEALs were ambushed. Three soldiers were killed during the firefight, and Marcus was saved by Gulab, and brought back to his village to heal and wait for extraction. During that time, Gulab fought off Taliban fighters to help protect Luttrell.

The Taliban has not forgiven Gulab for his help with an American soldier, and have even attacked him, leaving him shot in the leg. Gulab’s hope rests on the shoulders of Michael Wildes, a New York-based immigration attorney who has decided to accept this case for free. “The Department of Homeland Security is currently reviewing his file to determine whether or not they would put in a request with the United Nations to have him relocated to U.S. based on what he did,” Wildes told

Some have argued that if Gulab was in such peril, why did he not apply for asylum when he visited the United States previously in 2010 to visit Luttrell, or when he again visited in 2013 for the premier of Lone Survivor. But Gulab’s attorney is only interested in one thing: Gulab’s safety. “That’s as simple as it takes… I wish it would happen as instinctively as Mohammed Gulab gave Marcus Luttrell safety. We should be returning that same sentiment,” he said.

Wildes has said that since the release of the movie, the situation for Gulab has gotten gradually worse.

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