Afghan soldier called “the RPG god-boss” for having no F’s in battle and extreme accuracy

Somewhere in Afghanistan, there is at least one Afghan National Army soldier who can actually fight.

Roaming the countryside with his RPG and extra rounds, he is the leader of an ANA unit more than willing to help Americans kick the Taliban into submission.

Sporting his launcher tube, a cocked helmet, a smile and possessing a rudimentary grasp on US culture and language, this man among men stands in the middle of enemy fire and lobs RPG rounds at anyone who dares oppose him.

He is Jamsheed, the RPG god-boss.

Featured in the documentary, “The Fighting Season,” the legendary Jamsheed proved to be quite helpful to members of the 82nd Airborne Division, assisting them in taking out a Taliban ambush team with a single shot from his RPG.

“One RPG, Taliban..Phhhm,” he said, mimicking his RPG after he lobbed a round onto their position. “Finish Taliban.”

The Americans cheered Jamsheed on, impressed with his bravery.

“AMA gonna fire an RPG, just..because,” one Soldier said.

“You couldn’t get a more perfect RPG shot,” another said.

Carry on, Jamsheed. You are Afghanistan’s last hope.

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