Afghan police officers say Taliban exploiting their lust for “sexy young boys”

An Afghan National Police officer holds up an Afghan boy in Keshem, Afghanistan, February of 2009.

The Taliban has apparently had success with using “boy sex toys” as “Trojan Horses” to infiltrate the Afghan police force in southern Afghanistan.

According to the AFP, the pervasive practice, referred to as “bacha bazi” in Afghanistan, is a widely practiced ancient custom in the country.

Police commanders, especially in Urzgan province have deep lust for these “bacha bereesh” -or boys without beards- and the Taliban have been exploiting it.

“The Taliban are sending boys -beautiful boys, handsome boys- to penetrate checkpoints and kill, drug and poison policemen,” said Ghulam Sakhi Rogh Lewanai, who was recently removed as police chief of Urzgan province.

“They have figured out the biggest weakness of police forces -bacha bazi,” he told AFP.

According to judicial and security officials in the province, hundreds of police officers have been killed as a result of the sex toy boys over the past two years.

“These bacha attacks have fuelled deep mistrust within police ranks,” Seddiqullah, a police commander at a checkpoint near Tarin Kot, told AFP.

“He said the attacker was the checkpoint commander’s own sex slave, a teenager called Zabihullah. Late one night, he went on a shooting spree, killing seven policemen including the commander as they slept,” according to Yahoo News.

The Taliban denies any involvement in sending these boys to the police as they banned the practice of bacha Bazi during the 1996-2001 rule.

“We have a special mujahideen brigade for such operations -all grown men with beards,” a Taliban spokesman told AFP.

The US State Department has refereed to the practice as a “culturally sanctioned form of male rape,” but many in the region do not consider it to be pedophilia nor homosexuality, which is forbidden in Islam.

The AFP report does not mention retaliation for the numerous rapes to be the motive for these attacks against the police officers.

“Come see my beautiful bacha,” said a police commander in Dehjawze village, boasting that he had been holding the teenager for two years.  The sex slaves are widely flaunted as their slave owners see it as a status symbol.

In 2011 a U.S. Special Forces soldier, Sergeant First Class (SFC) Charles Martland, refused to look the other way -even after his superiors told him to turn a blind eye- to a boy being molested and raped repeatedly by a local Afghan police commander.

Over a period of five years the Army debated on whether they would force Martland out of the Army for using physical violence against the pedophile rapist police commander.

On April 28, 2016 the Army decided to reverse their decision to expel SFC Martland from the military, allowing him to continue to serve our nation as a U.S. Army Green Beret.

The United States and NATO allies have spent billions of dollars to build the Afghan forces but have not made any significant moves to stop predatory sexual behavior by Afghan soldiers and police.

At the request of the United States Congress the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has been conducting an investigation.

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