Adult film actress seeks male veterans to volunteer for new project

Mercedes Carrera and Army Reserve Sergeant Anthony Berg at the 2016 Adult Video Awards. (Baldwin Saintilus)

A veteran actress of the adult film industry is enlisting military veterans to fall in and stand at attention for a new adult production that features an all-veteran cast.

34-year-old Latin adult starlet Mercedes Carrera is reportedly creating a new website where “the male talent are all vets.”

“If you’re a military stud/vet I’d like you to c*m stand at attention for a new project I’m launching soon,” she wrote on Twitter. “Email or DM (Direct Message) me!”

Carerra told Popular Military that veterans are near and dear to her heart.

“My dad was in the Army, as was my grandfather,” she said.

When the starlet had an idea to create a new site, she knew she needed to enlist new talent for the task, with filming set to take place in Southern California and Nevada. Remembering the countless emails she’s received from troops who thanked her for helping them get through deployments (and life in general), she came up with a solution for her staffing issues: enlist the help of a new kind of all-volunteer force.

“Why would I pay for talent when I could have veteran talent when I could have veteran volunteers?”

Carerra knows her favorite demographic well, and plans to spice up the scenery to cater to her troops.

“I plan to do a lot of scenes at the gun range,” she laughed.

The California-based Carrera is no stranger to philanthropic endeavors- her now-defunct venture known as The Porn Charity raised funds for scholarships for STEM students and other causes. In addition, she frequently posts videos on YouTube, discussing issues such as PTSD, veteran healthcare and the struggles many face during -and after- combat.

In February of last year, she took an Army Reserve sergeant to the Adult Film Awards as her date, after he was selected out of a pool of about 250 applicants.


While she is currently scouting more female talent for the project, Carrera says she will do the majority of the scenes ad interim. Veterans will be responsible for their own travel and mandatory STD testing prior to shooting.

If you are interested in finding out how you can volunteer, direct message Carrera on Twitter @TheMercedesXXX or email her at

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