Adult entertainer will pleasure veterans for free on Veteran’s Day

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The ultimate Veterans Day party is going down in Florida again, as entertainer Mike Busey cranks his appreciation for the troops up to eleven once more.

Taking place at his 80+ acre “Sausage Castle” in Central Florida, party animal Mike Busey is giving vets and active duty the party of a lifetime— for the twelfth year in a row.

In addition to good food, music, free tattoos, and entertainment, veterans who RSVP are also eligible to receive oral from pornstar Jenny Jizz.

It is noted, however, that all veterans who opt for this service should arrive clean and well-groomed [if you know what we mean].

Born as Michael Andrew Ward, Busey is a former college basketball player who made a career as a porn star and show host.

The Lake County resident has always insisted on showing his support for the military— particularly at a point in time when many veterans feel they’ve been discarded by society in place of “the current thing.”

“What would you say to those who say that this event is morally bankrupt?” an Elite Daily reporter asked a veteran at a previous event.

“F**k ‘em,” the veteran replied. “If there were no blow jobs, if there were a million blow jobs, it’s the thought. The fact that anybody is willing to do something for the veterans —especially this late in the war. Everybody came together in 2001…Each year progressively they’re like ‘Oh, no, they’re just crazy now.’”

“I’ve always had a tender spot for veterans,” Busey said in the same interview. “My whole family is military, I’ve lost friends in some of the wars.”

Whether or not the event is respectable or reprehensible is in the eye of the beholder, it seems— but it cannot be denied that the sentiments of being discarded by the public are very real for many of those who served.

All wishing to attend the November 11 event must RSVP at Busey’s website as soon as possible.

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