“Actress” quits making films to join the Marine Corps

A relatively well- seasoned adult film actress is leaving her career behind for a new life in the United States Marine Corps.

In what can in no way potentially go very wrong for her or the USMC, Vienna Rose (AKA Katie Sloane), is leaving behind her 60-plus-scene career and pursuing what she feels to be a more honorable profession.

Sloane is dissatisfied with the porn industry, which she believes has become more depraved in recent years due to major influence from MindGeek (a multinational corporation with a near-monopoly on free streaming porn) and a toxic culture that often leads to people getting hurt- and worse.

“It’s time for Vienna Rose to die,” she tweeted on March 19. “I’m done with porn.”

Now, Sloane hopes to earn her way into the small, elite meritocracy that is the USMC.

“I deserve to have a career where I’m appreciated for my professionalism, and not in an industry where the most vile people are rewarded,” she said.

Sloane’s issues with the porn industry have come out in force recently, and her sudden disdain for what she describes as a very shady and exploitative business appears to run alongside accusations of unchecked sexual assaults, bizarre income trails and even accusations surrounding minors being exploited.

“I’d been wanting to say my piece for a while and didn’t know how to go about it,” she told the Daily Beast. “I think it’s very dangerous to put this narrative out there to women, young women especially, that sex work is this huge money-making thing. I feel like we feed that to women, that you’ll come in here and start making lots of money, but because porn is so oversaturated that is genuinely not the case anymore.”

The real question, it seems, is how will she be able to endure in the Marines with so much of her material already online?

For Sloane, it doesn’t really matter- she’s wanted the be in the Marines her whole life, and made sacrifices to be eligible to join.

“I was talking to a Marine recruiter because I thought I was done with porn, and was ready to join,” she recounted. “I quit smoking weed, got into amazing shape. And then my Marine recruiter called to ask me about my tattoos, and my tattoo on the back of my neck is out of regulation, so he told me to get it removed. I got a consultation for it and they told me it would cost $2,400 and take about a year. So I went back into porn to make enough money.”

Until the tattoo can be removed, she’ll be working for herself via webcam.

One day, however, she is determined to be a Marine.

“I want to make a difference in this world,” she said. “I’ve never given up on my dream of being in the military. I want to be a Marine because, in my mind, it’s go hard or go home. I have respect for every branch of the military but the Marines seems like more of a challenge. So I’m just going to keep working, stack my money, get this tattoo removed, and then join the military- and go to school. I got sidetracked and caught up in performing, because I’ve always loved performing.”

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